Similar to flat files but with parallel sides. Tapered in thickness only.
Single cut on one edge and one edge uncut

Length (inch) Cut Width Dimensions (mm)
4 Smooth 1S
8 Smooth 2S
  • High performance. BELLOTA Handy Files forged in one single piece and heat-treated blade for a longer lifespan.
  • For the best finish. Uniform toothing to ensure stock removal capacity and best results.
  • BELLOTA’s ergonomic handle that facilitates the work and allows for greater precision in filing.

Mechanics professional flat parallel file, BELLOTA’s Handy files are forged in high chromium steel with double treatment (globular annealing and integral hardening), which gives it a high wear and tear resistance.

Perfectly ground blade, with double serration for high stock removal capacity, toothed on all 3 sides. Uniform teeth for uniform results and a better filing feel.

BELLOTA’s Inbuilt ergonomic handle that facilitates the work, reduces vibrations and allows for greater precision in filing.

For grinding, fine-tuning, deburring, dressing, chamfering and finishing work on square angles, car repair garages and general industry

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