DIN 223 - VOLKEL HSS Solid Dies Set

Dies Set
in metal cases
DIN standards

Circular Round Dies DIN 223

[P.K.20] – M3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12

20 x 5, 20 x 7, 25 x 9, 30 x 11, 38 x 14


VOLKEL Thread circular round dies are used for producing external threads. Round dies are round and usually have three or more cutting edges. They are either used for manual use of die holders or clamped into the quill to use in a turning lathe.


The chips are discharged through the plane holes in round dies. VOLKEL Round dies are available slotted or solid, with solid being the most commonly used style. The groove in slotted round dies allows these to be adjusted if worn while solid dies are able to produce more precise pitch of thread. Dies also come in round solid circular form or Hexagon die nut Form.

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