JIS B 4430 - VOLKEL HSSE Machine Taps - NPS

Machine Taps – NPS
american pipe thread

JIS B 4430     HSS-E

Nominal Diameter


L 1 L 2 D 2
NPS  1/8 x 27 55 19 8.0 6.0
NPS  1/4 x 18 62 28 11.0 9.0
NPS  3/8 x 18 65 28 14.0 11.0
NPS  1/2 x 14 80 35 14.0 11.0
NPS  3/4 x 14 85 35 23.0 17.0
NPS  1″ x 11.1/2 95 45 32.0 26.0

VOLKEL Threading Solutions

Based on more than 100 years of experience in tap manufacturing and a passion for threading, VOLKEL has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of standard thread cutting tools, all available from stock.


Thread Cutting Tools… that is what we do best, that is what we focus on. And we have been doing this for over 100 years with great passion. You benefit from one of the widest and deepest ranges of off-the-shelf standard thread cutting tools and thread repair systems for hand and machine use.


VOLKEL subsidiaries and partner companies in Europe and Asia produce on VOLKEL-machines in accordance with specifications and quality standards. We guarantees a consistent, good industrial quality because we know that tapping is a sensitive working operation, where problems can lead to high follow-up costs. Centralized located the final inspection and storage of all manufactured products as well as their consignment and worldwide shipping takes place in Remscheid. Thereby we ensure a high level of process and service quality.

National Pipe Straight NPS 1/16 x 27
National Pipe Straight NPS 1/8 x 27
National Pipe Straight NPS 1/4 x 18
National Pipe Straight NPS 3/8 x 18
National Pipe Straight NPS 1/2 x 14
National Pipe Straight NPS 3/4 x 14
National Pipe Straight NPS 1″ x 11.5

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